The Story Behind the Name

What is “Sweet Spade?”

It’s a fish. Literally, a fish.

His name is spade and he is a shimmering blue-green Crown-tail Betta fish. I have had him for around a year now and he has become my best bud. Yes, a fish.

Somehow, I’ve had too many nights that ended up with me finding myself in the middle of a rant, or a speech, or just pure rambling to this fish. He listens to my life, in all of its chaos.

He has seen me at my worst and at my best. He also likes to model for me, as you can see from the picture above. This little guy has more personality then I have seen in some dogs & cats. He swims around with joy when i come in the room, and will proceed to jump from the water when he sees me with his food.

In closing, he is close to my heart. I wanted my blog to reflect my soul, as well as character, so therefore, the name.

I love this dang fish.

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