What Do I Remember?

What Do I Remember?

By: E.S.

What do I remember?

We were invincible.

Nothing in the universe could stop us

Let me tell you a story

There are times when nostalgia wills to take over me

And I let it.

I let it play movies of when we ran

Through yards and summer nights. When

We rode with the top down screaming

And the potions made my arms tingle

I remember picking you up off the white carpet

When the whiskey took you down

And laughing while we slipped through the front door.

I remember your smile

The way you were brave and didn’t fear the world

The way you never let it pull you apart

I remember chasing you down the street

And how everything we did was an adventure

And we were invincible.

Until the world tore us down

Until I felt my face on the concrete and the stars shaking me

Screaming “wake up!”

Until so many months passed that I couldn’t

Remember the details of you

Or how many freckles you had

And I’ll never get over the way that

Months could wash away nine years.

Eden Smith, Sweet Spade

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