A Letter To Heartbroken Girls

Don’t you dare let a silly boy break you into pieces.


If you do, if somehow you let your guard down and someone takes advantage of your heart, then take it back. You have strength deep within you that you haven’t even discovered yet.

If a lover takes your heart and smashes it on the ground, put it back together and don’t give anyone the power to ever hurt you like that again. Don’t miss him, because he wasn’t good enough for you. Don’t even let yourself get stuck on the thought of him, because it will tear you apart- when, what you need the most, is to be put back together.

I really need you to understand this- you are the only thing in the world that has the power to fix your life. You can’t blame yourself for why he left you, you can’t question your identity and get lost in the walls of your mind. He cannot consume you, you are too mighty to let that happen. So don’t.

Right now, your heart needs healing, and you must take care of it. Don’t wallow in regret and sadness, don’t sit in the rain and weep with the grey sky. Let the sun in, and do not be afraid. Work on building up the empire that is inside of you, and show the world that you didn’t lose a part of yourself.

I believe in you.


E.S, Sweet Spade

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