I Asked Strangers to Define Love

Back in mid-February, I’d gotten the idea to put my journalist skills to a real-life test, and go out into the world to do “man-on-the-street”, or inquiring journalist interviews. I have this unbelievable thirst for stories, and voices, and wisdom from people I do not know. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

So I did.

I took my friend Haley with me, along with my camera, and we went to the Highlands in Louisville, Kentucky to ask people to give us a definition of love. The results were brilliant- and I’d like to share them with you.

I Asked Strangers to Define “Love” And This is What They Said:

“indescribable…because it’s a feeling and its different for each person. So you can’t really say its butterflies in your stomach and you can’t really say its sweaty hands or anything because there’s different types of it. You can’t quantify it”

“a fleeting feeling of infatuation”

“it will always eventually end”

“A deep sense of caring.”

“A deep sense of caring.”- Lena and her boyfriend, Razz-ma-tazz Jewlrey Store (Highlands, Louisville)

“I think it’s accepting someone with all their faults, and it’s not finding the perfect person, its seeing someone as perfect the way that they are.”

“Putting someone before yourself.”

“Love cannot be simply explained.”

“Love is indescribable. It’s exciting and scary.” -Noah Godsey, at work at Which Wich (Louisville, KY)

“Love is 38 years of marriage.”

“The chemistry that you have with someone else.”

“The feeling of need for another human being.”

“Love is a painful kind of thing. Its not always sunshine, because when you love someone, it doesn’t matter what they do, even if they hurt you, I don’t think you can unlove them.”

E.S. and Haley McGlynn, Sweet Spade


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