A Dream of You and I

Let’s sit outside in the green clover patches and whisper flower words to one another. Let’s sit there and lie to make the pain less painful.

Tell me you love me and that I’m the only thing you’ve ever wanted, tell me that if you could have anything it would be me. Pick a dandelion and blow it at my cheeks, turning them pink for you.

I’ll tell you that I still think of your eyes when I see the grass start to come alive again in the springtime, and of your soul when it’s foggy in the mornings. I’ll declare my everlasting fidelity to you, because I grow relentlessly tired of everyone else, and your intelligence matches no other.

Let’s sit out there until the sun sets, and with it, all of the complications of our lives. We can pretend that we aren’t real and that we are dreaming. We can let the darkness obliterate the walls that time has built between us, and all of the nights I wished my heart wasn’t achingly connected to yours.

Let’s look at the stars and construct our own constellations. We can chase each other around, running like we have nothing else to lose, until the pitter-patter of our hearts becomes audible, and our rising breaths force our chests to touch the sky.

Sit outside with me in the clover patches and say what you never got the chance to say. Let’s whisper words that don’t have any significance and make promises we won’t ever keep.

E.S. Sweet Spade

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