Here’s How People Define Happiness

I asked people to define love in accordance to their own lives and here’s what they said:

  • “Happiness comes in small doses, it’s a cigarette outside, it’s whatever you need right now.” – Anon
  • “Happiness is when you stop letting everything bad in life drive you crazy, maybe even just for a second, and just living. Living in harmony with yourself and everything else. It’s letting life be life and making the best out of it- because quite frankly, your happiness starts and ends with you.” – Haley M.
  • “Anything that makes you feel content in yourself and your surroundings, anything that makes you feel okay in that moment.”- Anon
  • “Living your life to the fullest, making your dreams come true and being able to do whatever you want.” – Anon
  • “It’s those little fireworks you get in your body when something excites you, ignites you, awakens you. It’s not long-term, but when you feel it, you know it’s real.” – E.S.
“When I am surrounded by my friends is when I feel truly happy. They make everything okay.” – Anon
  • “Happiness is something memorable. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. It can be a time when you remember a funny thing your friend said, to knowing that you are loved. It’s whatever you want it to be.” – Hallie W.
  • “Happiness is seeing and appreciating someone you love get excited talking about what they love and what they are passionate about, the kind of stuff that makes your heart so full it could explode, it’s what you need.” – Anon
  •  Happiness is the feeling of butterflies you get in your stomach when you look into the eyes of someone you love. Happiness is the feeling you get when you finally achieve your personal goal that you’ve worked so hard for. Happiness is and will always be the ultimate goal for everyone. Happiness isn’t just a feeling, it’s a mindset.” – Anon
  • “Happiness is working towards your fullest potential in life, but smiling, enjoying, and living every minute of it.” – Sarah F.
  • “Happiness comes from the compassion, acceptance, love, and joy we show to others.” – Hannah J.
  • “. Happiness is driving with the windows down and your music blaring, it’s watching your favorite show or movie and feeling nostalgic. It’s coming home home and being greeted by your dog or cat, it’s doing what you love without a care in the world.” – Tessa N.

Sometimes we need reminded of all the things in this wonderful life that keep us going. Happiness in the eyes of others can shape our own views, and in this, we fuel our hearts. 

E.S. Sweet Spade

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