Forgiveness is Freedom

Time and time again, we find ourselves holding grudges somewhere inside of us that seemingly cannot be mended. No medicine, no words, no tears could fix the hurt that this person has inflicted onto us. Maybe, rather, we are angry at them because of the hurt they’re inflicting upon themselves- and we love them, and it’s painful to watch them destroy themselves in the way they do.

Nevertheless- we must come to the realization that this only leaves things at a stalemate- and here’s 12 reasons as to why forgiveness is the only  option you’ve got to win the war.

  1. Forgiving someone who hurt you is not you letting your guard down or withdrawing your power- it’s not you showing weakness. It’s you deciding to direct your greatness elsewhere.
  2. “If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one.”

Robert Brault

  1. To forgive is to let go. How can you stand tall if you have a merciless weight on your shoulders?
  2. It’s time to stop waiting for the person who broke you to come back and fix you.
  3. Not a single living being is flawless and we all miss a beat sometimes. It is our nature, it is in our blood to make mistakes and it’s up to us whether or not we grow from them.
  4. Brave people do not hold anything against those who have wronged them.
  5. Building trust and love with others in our lives becomes nearly impossible when we cannot forgive.
  6. You do not need to hear an apology in order to offer your forgiveness.
  7. Forgiveness lowers anxiety, blood pressure, depression, and improves pain tolerance.
  8. Whenever you are angry with yourself, you always end up forgiving yourself again and again. It’s like that with everyone else, too.
  9. Think of all the wrong things you’ve done, all the mistakes you’ve made. What if you were never forgiven?
  10. Forgiving people doesn’t have to mean letting them back in– it just means letting them go without hard feelings and tension.

E.S. Sweet Spade

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