Save the Arctic…To Save Us

Save The Arctic… To Save Us


What do you picture in your mind when you hear “The Arctic”?

I am supposing you are thinking of polar bears, and penguins, and icebergs as far as the eye can see. Icy blue seas with freezing waters and beautiful wildlife, undisturbed by humans… only- this is what we want to believe.

Unfortunately, the Arctic is being devastatingly destroyed by climate change and human beings’ impact on the Earth’s environment. We are surrounded by people who wish to ignore this reality, and deny the obvious effects of climate change on our world. Yet- as this may have worked previously, its effects are becoming so harsh that we have no choice but to face the truth, and fix it.

Here is how it goes:

The Earth cannot simply handle more oil drilling. It starts with the fact that we need to fight seismic blasting. This is a process used to search for potential areas to drill for oil. Consequently, this is deadly for the marine life in these areas, obliterating their eggs and habitats. Another cause of destruction of the Arctic is industrial fishing and climate change- inflicting the melting of the icebergs. With all of these things combined, we are leaving no home for the wildlife- Polar bears, Narwhals, stunning seabirds and walruses, and brutally killing them off the Earth. If we do not stand to fight this- experts are assuming that polar bears will be gone in the next 100 years.

The Kilimanjaro Glacier, first pictured in Feb 1993, in comparison to Feb 2000. Courtesy of

Above is an image I found on Mother Nature Network in an article on climate change. This is visible evidence of the melting of the ice, and it is eye-opening to say in the least.

The Muir Glacier, Alaska, first pictured in 1891, in comparison to the photo of the right, taken in 2005.

If the arctic continues to melt, then it will cause sea levels to remain rising. This, in itself, will destroy what we know as our beautiful coastlines and wash away the places we know as our vacation spots, also resulting in the forcing of people to move away from the coasts. To see what Venice Beach in California, along with many other notorious places will look like with rising sea levels, click here.

President Donald Trump is making matters worse, and we must resist. He has plans to eliminate environmental regulations that fight against climate change. In fact, when asked about Trumps budget cuts towards climate change, Mick Mulvaney, the White House Budget Director responded with this: “I think the president was fairly straightforward: We’re not spending money on that anymore; we consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that.”

Furthermore, Trump signed an executive order to demolish Obama’s many efforts to save the environment, as well as the Clean Power Plan. According to Wikipedia, this plan was created to fight against climate change, and “was first proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in June 2014.”

How do we start to fix all of the damage being done to our planet?

We Resist.

We donate to organizations such as Greenpeace, whether it be $5 or $500. Along with this, sign the online petition to end drilling in the Arctic, and protect it forever. Fight Trump’s decision to kill our marine friends. Here’s the link, it takes less than 3 minutes.


Continue to inform others, and resist. Let’s work together.

Eden Smith, Sweet Spade


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