There Are Two Parts to Your Soul

There Are Two Parts to Your Soul

By: E.S.

In the depths of each of us, there are two people. It’s a challenging thing, because if one outweighs the other, it causes problems in our lives, and we must find balance.

The first person, the more significant one. The one who works hard and is self-sufficient, who gets favorable grades and a place in the world. A pre-determined spot. The one who wins, the powerful one. The one who has a steady stream of friends and hope. The one who is responsible and a role model to those who surround them. The one who saves their money and the one whom you have worked your whole life to achieve, the one with the steady mentality and substantial heart.

But then there’s the other.

The one woven deep within your soul, because something is aching through your bones, and it calls to you like a siren.

The one who roams and runs, wildly and freely. The one who goes 130 down the highway in the middle of the night screaming hysterically with a packed car of friends and strangers. The one who doesn’t have to meet and “get to know” their type of people, because you just feel them already. You can sense it, the night owls and wild ones like you. You can get in a car with these people and be best friends by the end of the night. It’s magical… but the thing that hurts about these people is that they make memories that the other type of person can’t, and never will.

It will take a while to find an equilibrium between the two, and it’ll likely tear you apart trying. But you must try.

You will have people wondering about your mystery and how you do it. How you tie these two lives together without being foolish. It’s art, because your soul is a canvas and how you decide to paint it is all up to you.

E.S. , Sweet Spade

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