Nighttime – A Photo Journal

May 26th, 2017

Here are my favorite photos I have taken at night, enjoy.


oct 4 3
I took this photo at a pond near my house. The girl in the photo is my little cousin, and I’m in love with the way the dreamy sky reflects on the water.
This was taken in a soccer field, and it gives me nostalgia to summertime nights.
My friend Savanna and I. Not really sure as to why I made it green, but it gives it an eerie feel and I like it.
I took this back in October, it was a Halloween decoration in somebody’s yard and I like the orange glow it has.
One night I was taking a walk and this feather intrigued me… life is weird.
I often find myself taking photos of those I love. This is my little cousin and sister one night while it was storming outside… it’s got a cozy feel.


This one is actually funny. I was assigned a motion-photography project earlier this year and I decided to take a risk and stand on a bridge near my house that overlooked a freeway below. Thus, I was very close to the cars passing and it was a mix of adrenaline and fear all at once. I also got honked at.
This is my friend Haley, in front of apiece of artwork we found on the side of a building whilst exploring.
This photo rings of adventure and curiosity and I love that.
Downtown Louisville, Kentucky. A city that stays in my heart.


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