A Letter to My Future Self

A letter to my future self

June 14, 2017

12:06 a.m.


Life is going to get insane. The tide will rise and fall, the sun will come and go. You will have your highest highs and your lowest lows. Life changes despite if you want it to or not. But this letter is not about the bad parts of life, or even overcoming them (because you will). You will do great things… I have hope in that. This letter is a seventeen-year-old version of yourself explaining what she sees life to be about.

I hope you continue to take risks. To believe without seeing, to jump without being able to see the ground below. That is a charming thing, to have faith in the unknown. I have come to live by the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Don’t beat yourself up over the mistakes you make. That is human nature, baby. You are going to tumble and fall and scratch your knees up sometimes. That’s how it is. That’s the only way you learn. Learn from your mistakes, take away from them what you will, and then move on.

Love has a different definition to everyone, but to me, it is the most important thing we have. It is like magic, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and the notion that you would do anything for the people that you love. It has no limitations, no rules. A life lived without loving to your maximum capacity is not a life lived to the fullest. There are so many different forms of love. There is the romantic love; the kind that gives you a fluttery feeling throughout your whole body. There’s also the friendship love; the one you feel for your friends who know you better than you do. Yet, I am not implying to only fall in love with people. I want you to fall in love with places, with cotton-candy skies, with morning air and with the smell of coffee. Fall in love with the way the old man plays his guitar on the side of a bridge. Fall in love with the way the sun feels on your skin after swimming. The more you love life, the more it will love you back.

Capture every single memory. I live through photography and writing, because they allow time to be frozen. Jot down the little things that make you smile, the things you never want to forget about. Not just the big moments that everyone has, like getting married or graduating, but rather, the small things. The moments you share with those close to you. The moments that produce a certain nostalgia in the years following.

If sometimes you find it hard to live this life (and you will), then live it for others. Live it for your little sister, who believes in you. Live it for your friends, who want to see nothing but your smile. Live it for your dad, who may have not chosen all the best paths… but you will. Live it in your mother’s spirit, and even though she isn’t here to watch you, know that she would be proud of you.


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