If You Love Without Thinking

If You Love Without Thinking


They like to love without thinking

Without any attached strings,

Drunken hearts and hook-ups

Lives full of one-night flings

It’s easier to love this way

With nothing holding them back,

Nobody to take care of

When their lives run off the track

But what they do not realize

Is that this love does not last,

Instead, it leaves them empty

Slowly shattering like glass

They do not know the feeling

Of a lover by their side

Or the beauty of a white silk gown

Worn upon their bride

Or even how to feels to be

Accompanied for life

A forever friend, a partner

That they could call their wife

And even if one day they do

Get blessed with a little one,

I’m sure the memory of their past

Will haunt them ’till their days are done


Eden Smith, Sweet Spade

A Poem to Those Who Wander

A Poem, to Those Who Wander



Did you ever want to up and leave

And never turn around,

On all the things you never tried

Just leave, without a sound?

Did you ever want to take a risk

To leave your comfort zone,

To feel your heart beat faster

And scare you to the bone?

Did you ever want to runaway

To freely roam the land,

To watch a west-coast sunset

With your toes between the sand?

Adventure is calling you by name

Begging you to fly,

To put aside your hopes and fears

And sing your battle cry

Eden Smith, Sweet Spade