Cloudy Morning Thoughts

June 7th, 2017

8:35 a.m.

Love is a strange thing. Last night, one of my good friends told me, “You can feel how important you are to someone.”, and I don’t think I will ever forget that. Things like these, moments and quotes, stick with me forever. Also- props to Natalie Goldberg for her book, Writing Down the Bones. I love it almost as much as I love my book on Ernest Hemingway’s quotes on writing and life.

It is rainy today. I like the rain, and the melancholy feeling that comes with it. It’s a certain feeling that the soul conjures up, with a willingness to either stay inside while listening to the melody of raindrops dancing against the window, or to sit outside and watch them fall. I love that.

Lately, things have been so unpredictable. A year ago today, I could never have expected my life to be the way it is now. Things change so inevitably that it’s useless to fear the future… yet we do.


Sweet Spade


Nighttime – A Photo Journal

May 26th, 2017

Here are my favorite photos I have taken at night, enjoy.


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I took this photo at a pond near my house. The girl in the photo is my little cousin, and I’m in love with the way the dreamy sky reflects on the water.
This was taken in a soccer field, and it gives me nostalgia to summertime nights.
My friend Savanna and I. Not really sure as to why I made it green, but it gives it an eerie feel and I like it.
I took this back in October, it was a Halloween decoration in somebody’s yard and I like the orange glow it has.
One night I was taking a walk and this feather intrigued me… life is weird.
I often find myself taking photos of those I love. This is my little cousin and sister one night while it was storming outside… it’s got a cozy feel.


This one is actually funny. I was assigned a motion-photography project earlier this year and I decided to take a risk and stand on a bridge near my house that overlooked a freeway below. Thus, I was very close to the cars passing and it was a mix of adrenaline and fear all at once. I also got honked at.
This is my friend Haley, in front of apiece of artwork we found on the side of a building whilst exploring.
This photo rings of adventure and curiosity and I love that.
Downtown Louisville, Kentucky. A city that stays in my heart.


If You Love Without Thinking

If You Love Without Thinking


They like to love without thinking

Without any attached strings,

Drunken hearts and hook-ups

Lives full of one-night flings

It’s easier to love this way

With nothing holding them back,

Nobody to take care of

When their lives run off the track

But what they do not realize

Is that this love does not last,

Instead, it leaves them empty

Slowly shattering like glass

They do not know the feeling

Of a lover by their side

Or the beauty of a white silk gown

Worn upon their bride

Or even how to feels to be

Accompanied for life

A forever friend, a partner

That they could call their wife

And even if one day they do

Get blessed with a little one,

I’m sure the memory of their past

Will haunt them ’till their days are done


Eden Smith, Sweet Spade